Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You Grow Kid

Thank you to the wonderful folks at yoyomama for their review of Up We Grow! My daughter, the mother of young twin boys, is an avid reader of yoyomama — an online magazine "keeping moms on the go in the know." You can imagine how thrilled I was when they got in touch with me about the book. To read the review, You Grow Kid, go here. Thank you, yoyomama!

And thank you to Sheryl McKay of CBC Radio's North by Northwest for interviewing Brian Harris (photographer for Up We Grow!) and I on her recent show. To hear a podcast of the show, go here. (Our segment is a few minutes in. It runs for about 15 minutes.)

Finally, sincere thanks to you for continuing to read this little blog during the PR blitz. A return to regular programming coming soon. :-)


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