Monday, August 30, 2010

Book Launch Thanks!

Thank you to all the kind folks who turned up at our launch last week. We know that many people are on holidays at this time of year, so it was extra-good of you to show up.

It's been a great August with many opportunities to talk about my new book, but as September approaches, it's time to get back to my regular work — which means less time talking to people and more time in front of the computer. I'm looking forward to starting the research on the next book and preparing my talks for some upcoming presentations. Suitably, the rain is back to keep me company as I work.

May you all have a happy long weekend! See you in September. (Isn't that a song?) And thank you for reading this blog. :-)


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You Grow Kid

Thank you to the wonderful folks at yoyomama for their review of Up We Grow! My daughter, the mother of young twin boys, is an avid reader of yoyomama — an online magazine "keeping moms on the go in the know." You can imagine how thrilled I was when they got in touch with me about the book. To read the review, You Grow Kid, go here. Thank you, yoyomama!

And thank you to Sheryl McKay of CBC Radio's North by Northwest for interviewing Brian Harris (photographer for Up We Grow!) and I on her recent show. To hear a podcast of the show, go here. (Our segment is a few minutes in. It runs for about 15 minutes.)

Finally, sincere thanks to you for continuing to read this little blog during the PR blitz. A return to regular programming coming soon. :-)


Sunday, August 22, 2010

The Window!

I took my daughter to see the window at Kidsbooks (a display featuring my newest book) and she took this photo. Thanks to Kidsbooks for an amazing window!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Up We Grow! on CBC Radio

A big thank you to Sheryl McKay, host of CBC's show North by Northwest for interviewing photographer, Brian Harris, and I about our new book, Up We Grow! If you'd like to hear the interview, please tune in on Sunday morning (Aug. 22) just after the 7:30 am news.

If you'd like to listen at a different time, the show will be posted on the North by Northwest website as a podcast.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shameless Self-Promotion

Very soon, I promise, I will be posting about great books I've read or other writers' news, but for today, I am participating in one final act of shameless self-promotion. Here goes.

You are all invited to my first-ever book launch! (After 15 years of writing, this feels like a momentous event. :-) Please check out the invitation (above) and come to see me talk about my new book, Up We Grow! A Year in the Life of a Small, Local Farm.

My personal guarantee: the food will be local, in season and good!

Hope to see you there.


Monday, August 9, 2010

Braving the Rain!

A big thank you to all the folks who bravely stepped out on a rainy Saturday morning to come to the Trout Lake Farmer's Market and stop by our table to pick up a copy of my new book, Up We Grow! It was great to meet you all!

I have long been a farmer's market shopper, but never before been a vendor. It was fascinating to arrive early in the morning and watch all the farmers set up their tables, unload their food and get ready for the rush of shoppers. It was such a congenial atmosphere! But, clearly, it's also so much work. It requires a real dedication to the cause of growing and selling local food.

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by! It was wonderful to chat with you. I hope to run into you at the market again. (Next time, I'll be there wandering the stalls and filling my cloth bag full of yummy, local veggies.)


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Why a Bookstore Owner is an Author's Best Friend...

Wow! A big heartfelt thank you to Phyllis Simon and Kelly McKinnon, owners of Kidsbooks in Vancouver for this amazing window display!

Join us at Kidsbooks for a launch of my new book, Up We Grow! A Year in the Life of a Small, Local Farm on Aug. 26 at 7 pm.