Monday, October 5, 2009

Moose Jaw Photos

Returning to Moose Jaw, the place of my birth, was a wonderful time of travelling back into family reminiscences. I didn't grow up in Moose Jaw, and was only a small child there, but I had a strong sense (while strolling the city) of remembering places that were important to my family. I took photos of some of these places for my parents, and now offer a few to you. The photo above is the home where I was born, and the place where I lived with my parents and older sister. (We lived on the top floor and there are family photos of us, sitting together on the front steps.)

This is Crescent Park, a lovely green space in the centre of the city, where my parents played as children, and so did I. The public library building sits in this beautiful park.

Here are the ducks at Crescent Park. My parents tell me that graceful, white swans also used to nest and swim here.

Here's the Moose Jaw Public Library -- a place of enormous importance in our family. Books have always played a huge part in our lives, and I like to think this is where it all began. Although I have no memory of it, it's fun to imagine my parents and grandparents walking up these stairs into the library, perusing the books, then leaving the library with arms loaded, in eager anticipation of the wonderful reading they were about to do.

While at the library, I stopped in to meet Arwen Rudolph, the current children's librarian. She is fortunate to have a huge, beautiful space for her books, and it was one of the nicest children's libraries I have ever seen. I loved thinking that, in no small measure, this was the place that gave me my start.


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gabe said...

What a beautiful library. Visiting libraries would be a great way to travel cross the country. Glad your nostaligic trip went so well (although I'm not surprised.) Saskatchewan is a warm hearted place and it was the most perfect September ever!