Thursday, October 8, 2009

I Love Summer, I Love Fall (I think)

I love summer heat, I love summer sun, I wish it could always be summer. But it can't (at least not here in the northern hemisphere), so I try to love fall, too.

Fall is book season. And that makes it one great season to love. I've been to several book events already this month, but my favourite so far was the book launch at Vancouver Kidsbooks the other night, where my two talented pals, Beryl Young and Norma Charles, were launching their new books.

Beryl's book, Charlie: A Home Child's Life in Canada, is the true and poignant story of her Dad, who came to Canada as a Bernardo Boy.

Norma's Book, Chasing a Star, is the story of young Sophie La Grange who is dying to meet Barbara Ann Scott, the famous Canadian figure skater.

It was a real treat to hear both authors talk passionately about their books, and it was fun to be part of the audience.

Check out their books for some great fall reading. Soon, you'll love fall, too!

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