Monday, August 25, 2008

Farewell to Summer...

As the last days of summer slip away — like grains of sand in an hourglass — I feel like a kid about to go back to school. Time to exchange the sandals for stiff shoes, pack away the beach towels, and get out the long pants.

My summer's been far too short. It was unusually busy this year, with trips to New York, Whitehorse, Lethbridge, Naramata, Los Angeles and Long Beach. I can't believe how many times I packed and unpacked my suitcase in the last few months. Not that I'm complaining! It's been great fun to see the world, after staying home and working hard on a 6-book series over the last two years. The series is almost done, and it's time to think about new projects. But, before I do that, I'll post some final glimpses of Summer 2008.

The photo of me in red is taken with my new friend, Ana Maria Rodriguez, a children's nonfiction author I met at the conference in Los Angeles. We were having fun at the "Red" gala barbecue on the hotel lawn. (See earlier posts about L.A. for more details on the party.)

The other photos are from Long Beach, where I spent the last 5 days. What a glorious place! 

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