Friday, August 29, 2008

My 3-Day Novel Dad

As many writers know, tonight at midnight marks the beginning of the 2008 3-Day Novel Contest. Writers across Canada, and many other far-flung places, are sharpening their pencils (metaphorical or literal) to take part in the literary marathon of writing a novel in 3 (very short or very long, depending on your constitution and caffeine supply) days. 

I *wish* I could say I was taking part, but sadly, I am neither a novelist nor a marathoner. However, I am extremely pleased to announce that my Dad is taking up the challenge! This will be his third time entering the contest, and I continue to be insanely proud of his writing talent (I hope I got a few of those genes) and his iron constitution, perfect for a marathon of this type. 

My Dad worked much of his life as a writer-broadcaster, with impossibly tight deadlines lurking around every corner. He managed to write extraordinarily well, on almost any topic, in times far shorter than most writers dream possible. If anyone can win this contest, my Dad can!

And what is my contribution to the weekend? In my kitchen, at this very moment, I've got a pot of homemade pea soup simmering on the back burner, three quiches baking in the oven, and all the ingredients for a batch of blueberry muffins waiting to be mixed up. I might not be a marathon writer, but I can cook. 

Tomorrow, I'll be schlepping the food over to my parents' place so that my Dad can spend all of his time writing, and not worry about what to eat. As I chop and stir, I think of my Dad, and all of you who are leaping into the contest.

Best wishes to the 3-Dayers! No matter the outcome, you'll all be winners — for at the end of the weekend, you'll have a novel, and what could be more winning than that? 

May the muse be with you, Dad. 

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