Tuesday, August 5, 2008

City of Angels

I've just returned home from my whirlwind trip to Los Angeles. It's a bustling, vibrant place with a rich Latino influence. It reminded me of Mexico in some ways. I was surprised by the sprawling size of the city and also (sadly) at the thick haze that hung over the city. I had heard of the infamous smog, but hadn't imagined a place where the sky doesn't look blue.

The conference I attended was full of interesting people and publishing tidbits, some of which I hope to share over the next few days. For now, here's a photo from my hotel balcony. Note: the pool! Diving into this lovely blue water at the end of each day was a great reward for sitting through many hours of fascinating (but long) lectures. 

Also, note the red tablecloths and tables on the lawn. This was in preparation for an enormously fun LA style dinner for the 900 or so conference attendees. The party included make-your-own fajitas, complimentary strawberry margaritas (with paper umbrellas!) and a pair of energetic DJs who led the crowd in a lot of crazy, fun dancing. We were all asked to wear red and, shortly after this photo was taken, the lawn was a crimson blur. I won't be giving away any secrets, but it was fun to see which editors really know how to let loose!

More serious stuff to come in the next few days. 


Anonymous said...

Hi! I just started blogging two days ago and am so glad to find that now I might have the opportunity to interact with published authors. I read through your earlier posts, and wow, you seem to be in a different place every week. I liked your description of the Big Sky and laughed at the thought of huddling by a typewriter for warmth. Writing nonfiction children's books must be challenging, but definitely seems worthwhile and exciting. Last week I went to visit Plymouth and wished that there was someone to help me understand why the chairs and cups and books housed in the pilgrim museum are so important today, why it is essential to acquire a strong sense of history. You seem to be doing something like that.

Deborah Hodge said...

Good luck with your writing, Lillian!