Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sensational Sara!

Sara Holbrook was the engaging, talented poet in our group at the Phoenix IRA. She performed her poems throughout the day, with tremendous energy and finesse. I was touched by her sensitivity to difficult issues in children's lives, and the way she is able to teach kids to use poetry in a powerful way to express themselves. 

As well as being a marvellous poet, she is a gifted educator, and was able to lead us through a fascinating (and fun!) poetry writing exercise. To find out more about Sara and her clever poems, please check her website here. Some of her poetry collections are titled, The Dog Ate My Homework, Am I Naturally This Crazy, and I Never Said I Wasn't Difficult.

It was a pleasure and privilege to meet Sara and see her perform her poetry. She really inspired me!

More about our other symposium partners to come soon. Cheers!

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