Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Maywood Community School

I'd like to send a sincere thank you to Brenda Hain, librarian extraordinaire, and to all the staff and students at Maywood Community School in Burnaby. I spent the last couple of days in
Brenda's library, meeting her intermediate students, and talking about books. It was an amazing time! Thank you to everyone for your kind welcome, and your great enthusiasm. You have a very special school.

I loved the art on your school walls! The mural shown above is a tree formed from the hand prints of all the students in the school. The tree trunk is composed of prints of the students' forearms. The tree is representative of the feeling of the school — that everyone is included and important.



asif273 said...

thaanks for coming to maywood debra hodge!

Deborah Hodge said...

Thank you for inviting me! I loved meeting you all!


Eleni said...

My students certainly enjoyed having you visit us. They especially liked the pelts and skulls you brought with you. We teachers know that our children are very special. I am glad that you saw that in them, too! We look forward to you visiting us again. I will send you the photos I took as soon as I get them ready.
Eleni Harvalias
Grade 6/7 teacher
Maywood Community School

Deborah Hodge said...

Thank you, Eleni! I look forward to seeing them!

All the best,