Saturday, June 28, 2008

Kids' Science Writers

As I mentioned in the previous post, two other children's writers and I were invited to speak in Whitehorse at the annual Canadian Science Writers' Conference. The three of us (who had never met before) shared a family apartment at Yukon College, and were most congenial roommates. How lucky! Check out this photo of us with science journalist, Jennifer Kaban (second from left). Jude Isabella (left) is the editor of Yes Mag, the science magazine for kids. Pippa Wysong (right) has a Q&A website for kids called Ask Pippa. We three roommates spoke together on a panel about writing science books and other publications for kids. We also were the hosts for Family Day at Beringia Centre, a day where local Whitehorse kids came to learn about our books, us and the amazing land and creatures of Beringia. Aside from our enjoyable speaking responsibilities, the three of us founds lots of time to stay up late under the midnight sun, eat some tasty Mexican food and tour the stunning Yukon wilderness. What a wonderful trip!

Check out Yes Mag at:
Ask Pippa is at:

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