Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Back to School!

It is September and in my part of the world, today is the first school day of the year. I'm thinking about all the children and teachers who are gathering in their classrooms, full of enthusiasm and good cheer.

My friend, Margriet Ruurs, has written a wonderful book called School Days Around the World. The charming image above of students arm-in-arm is from the book and created by illustrator, Alice Feagan.

As a writer and speaker, Margriet has travelled around the world, visiting many countries and presenting in dozens of international schools. She has friends everywhere! And she knows what school is like in a myriad of places.

To find out more about schools in other parts of the world, I recommend picking up a copy of her book and sharing it with the young children in your life.

And if you are back at school this fall, I send my very best wishes for a happy and productive year!

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