Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Forging Ahead in 2013...

The New Year has begun and it is always a wonderful experience to ponder what lies ahead in the coming months. Do you have new projects on the horizon? A long list of resolutions? Wherever you are and whatever you have planned, I wish you the best of luck.

As for me, I have some new projects to start and some resolutions to keep. I'm looking forward to tackling both!

And, I'm happy to report some good news that came my way recently. My book, Rescuing the Children: The Story of the Kindertransport was selected by the American Library Association to be on their "Lasting Connections of 2012" List. I am thrilled! To read more about the list, please go here. (You'll need to scroll a long way down to see my book, but you'll find lots of great titles on your way.)

Happy 2013! May your year be a good one.


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