Sunday, April 22, 2012

Toronto Trip

I'm just back from a trip to Toronto where I was visiting my publishers. There are many changes going on in the publishing world right now and it seemed like a good time to catch up and chat with people face-to-face.

A few highlights, in a nutshell:

- Spring has arrived in Toronto. It was great to sit outside and eat lunch under a bright, yellow sun.
- My publishers are so smart! They were very hospitable and gave me lots to think about.
- Toronto is a vibrant, multicultural city. It was fun to see areas, such as Rosedale and the fashion district, that I had not visited before.
- I enjoyed strolling through the historic St. Lawrence Market.
- I had a chance to meet my web designer and most recent editor, who were both lovely people.

My conclusions? I need to go back soon. Lots is happening in that great city!

I hope spring sunshine has arrived where you are, too.


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