Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Seymour Elementary School

If you live in Vancouver, chances are you've heard of Seymour Elementary School and the primary teacher, Carrie Gelson, who spoke out recently about the needs of her students. (You can read Carrie's letter here.)

I had the privilege of meeting Carrie and her students today. I took my wildlife books and a collection of animal furs and skulls, and spoke to the children about local animals and how I write my nonfiction books. The children were brimming with questions and comments. I received an enormous hug from one of the boys, both on my arrival and my leaving.

I was so impressed with the school and am glad to have had the opportunity to see what a compassionate and caring community it is for the children who attend. Thank you to Carrie, and all the people at Seymour Elementary who have made the school a wonderful place to be!

If you'd like to read about their ongoing work, please go here.

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