Thursday, August 4, 2011

Authors on Tour

Publishers don't have a lot of $$$ for PR these days and it's often up to an author to be a self-promoter. Lots of authors are building websites, writing blogs, creating trailers and twitter-feed, all in the hopes of attracting people to their books.

Here's a story about three authors who are doing even more — they have joined forces to set up their own author tour. Hooray for them!

Meanwhile, I'm hunkered down in my office, working hard on revisions. (There's a certain irony that while I'm busy with this project, the sun has finally come out in Vancouver, and I'm missing all the beach fun. Ah, the charmed life of a writer...)




As someone in our trade noted, being a freelancer means being free to work whenever you like, as long as you like working on Sunday at midnight.

Deborah Hodge said...

So true, Mr. PD, so true!