Monday, September 20, 2010

Thank you, Whitehorse Teachers!

A huge thank you to Sara Tillet and Tanis Giczi, the amazing, energetic Whitehorse teachers who organized the Yukon Teacher's Conference I attended last week.

As one of the 16 visiting authors, I have to say it was one of the best conferences I've been to. It was so well organized and everyone we met exuded that legendary Yukon friendliness. I especially enjoyed meeting the Yukon teachers who attended my sessions. Hi to all of you!

In addition to the conference, here are some of my Whitehorse highlights:

• visiting the Takhini hotsprings on a beautiful sunny afternoon
• attending a reception at the McBride Museum that had a fascinating wildlife display of local animals (see the grizzly bear photo above)
• being served wine in a mason jar at the Klondike restaurant
• seeing the brilliant yellow, fall leaves on the aspen trees
• catching up with talented colleagues from across Canada
• going to the farmer's market and discovering some of the biggest potatoes I've ever seen. (Apparently, the long hours of daylight encourage them to grow to Paul Bunyan size.)
• spending a few afternoons in the bright, warm sun under a clear, blue sky
• experiencing summer temperatures by day; freezing temperatures by night
• flying to and from the Yukon on Air North: they feed you! and serve you delicious coffee that's been roasted in Whitehorse!
• I know there's more, lots more, but I'll stop here, and simply say: It was a great couple of days!

Thanks again, Tanis and Sara. It was a real treat to be there! I can hardly wait to come back.


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