Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rural England

I took the weekend off from my research and went to visit family in the countryside, south of London. These are some photos from the area (East Sussex).

The buildings in the village I visited were made of brick and stone. Many of them were 200 or more years old. The fields that surrounded the village were serene and pastoral, and quite frankly, I felt as though I'd stepped back in time and into an episode of All Creatures Great and Small (the story of James Herriot, the vet).

A famous poet and novelist, Malcolm Lowry, spent his last days in this village, and the sign on the house shows his final home.

I loved the old church! We spent some time searching out family gravestones in the cemetery there.

It was most interesting to see England, the modern and historical, and the urban and rural. A rich experience, all in all.

Cheers! (Or should I say: Cheerio!)

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