Saturday, March 20, 2010

London Bound

As I mentioned earlier, I am departing on a trip to London in the next few days — a joint family holiday (to see English relatives) and research trip for an upcoming book. That means spending a lot of time in museums and libraries between enjoying a series of fun, family get-togethers. What could be better for a non-fiction writer?

My suitcase has been retrieved from the closet and I am debating which clothes to pack — difficult for 2 reasons: a) writers don't leave the house much and, therefore, are not usually the owners of a smashing wardrobe, and b) we are in the midst of a season change and I don't know whether to pack cold or warm weather clothes. But that is a minimal worry compared to the weighty task of picking out books for the plane.

Nine hours on a plane each way is a challenge for me. The only way I can manage to avoid a full-blown panic attack is to have a carry-on case full of books, and it has been my mission this week to find my reading material.

Collected thus far is: an 800 page YA novel titled, This is All: The Pillow Book of Cordelia Kenn (should keep me entertained for a few hours); The Butcher and the Vegetarian: One Woman's Romp Through a World of Men, Meat and Moral Crisis (I'm currently educating myself on issues related to ethical and sustainable eating, and my alternate career choice is to become a chef); The Lonely Planet Guide to Travel Writing (3rd career choice); and The Kindness of Strangers: Tales of Fate and Fortune on the Road (I may need some inspiration).

These are a start and I plan to add to my bibliographic arsenal over the remaining couple of days before I board the plane. If you have any further suggestions for me, please send them ASAP.

While I am very excited about my trip, I have one tiny note of regret. My huge, beautiful magnolia tree is full of blossoms that are almost ready to open. I will miss seeing the tree's glorious annual performance. Sigh. Life is full of complications.

But, I am London bound and excited! I will post again in early April when I'm back. Until then, adieu my friends.

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Gabriele Goldstone said...

Bon voyage and congrats on the info. book nomination! I understand about the clothes closet and the magnolia tree. Life can be complicated! But traveling can be such an adventure!