Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Blog Goes Quiet

I've finished the first draft of the book I've been working on all summer. Hooray! I hope my editor thinks it's looking good (or at least okay). I will write the final manuscript in September and the book will hit the bookstore shelves next August. 

Vancouver had its hottest day ever a couple of weeks ago, and it was day where I was writing about winter and snow. Very odd indeed! But that's the great thing about being a writer — you can imagine anything!

Which gets me around to the point of this post: Now that I've been busy writing a book and not blogging, I have come to a startling conclusion. (Drum roll, please.) I get a lot more book writing done when I'm not thinking about what to post on my blog. So, sadly, I'm going to say farewell to the blog (at least for a little while) and get back to the business of writing books.

Thanks to everyone who was kind enough to read my posts over the last year. It was fun being a part of the blogosphere, and I will miss it. I may be back sometime, but for now, the blog is going quiet.

Happy rest of the summer! 

Cheers for now. :-)


Tan said...

Congratulations on finishing the manuscript! We'll miss you on the blogosphere, though.


Deborah Hodge said...

Hi Tanya,

Thanks! I'll still be reading blogs, yours included. :-)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finishing your new book. I'm glad I found your blog. I have found a lot of your books. I am the other Deborah Hodge, the Deborah A. Hodge, an American. I am a teacher too, but I teach high school and write in my spare time. I am just getting started. When people look for my books, they find yours. They tell me that they did not know I wrote children's books or books about animals. I tell them I don't that's the other Deborah Hodge. I writer Christian inspiration/romance. My blog is I have a new book coming out in November. I am sure people will get us mixed up again, but I'm not mixed up. You're the one who sells all the books. I'm the one who's trying to get established. Lot's of luck too you. I'll be reading your blog from time to time.

Deborah A. Hodge