Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nonfiction Dinner Recap

It was great to catch up with other children's nonfiction writers at dinner on Friday and discuss the state of the nation, so to speak.

What did I learn?

- That nonfiction writers are very smart! Wow! What an amazingly literate and articulate group of people to sit around the table with.

- That the internet has dramatically changed the publishing market. What we write these days has to appeal to the trade market, and be clever or have a twist. The "straight-ahead" style isn't selling because everyone thinks (possibly mistakenly) that they can get all of their information simply by checking the internet.

- That the market is increasingly tough, but there will always be a need for books, especially well-written and well-researched ones.

- All of us are regularly asked, "When are you going to write fiction?" Ouch! We adore nonfiction; that's why we write it. 

- We may be closer to journalists than to fiction writers.

- Many of us have degrees in subjects other than English. There were people with science degrees, history degrees, education degrees, business degrees and even a psychology degree (me!).

- Many of us came to writing as a second career.

- All of us have a sense of humour!

- We work very hard.

- We are dedicated to getting great information into the hands of kids.

- We love what we do! 

To be continued... (following our next meeting).


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