Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Phoenix Highlights

I'm back from Phoenix, which I'm pleased to report, was a sensational experience! Over the next few days, I'll jot down some detailed thoughts about the weekend conference (and will post some photos), but for now, I'll list a few highlights. 


* Meeting the amazing folks in our audience: dedicated literacy specialists, teachers and reading coaches from all over North America. I couldn't imagine a more passionate, committed group of reading enthusiasts anywhere. 

* Hearing the other authors on the program talk about their books. Wow! They were inspiring.

* Feeling the warm sun on my waterlogged Vancouver skin


* Phoenix folks were wearing sweaters and jackets. They thought it was cold!

* Hearing the Phoenix radio announcer say that in the chilly Canadian city that Obama visited (Ottawa), people ice-skate to work.

* Picking an orange growing in a tree outside my hotel.

I'll post again in the next day or two, with more thoughts on the conference, but for now I'd like to send a heartfelt thank you to the wonderful folks who attended our symposium, and shared their thoughts on teaching, children's books and their love for reading. Thank you, thank you!


Anonymous said...

Hello Deborah Hodge, I am a student doing a non fiction research project on you and i was wondering if you can give me some information, please send back.

Anonymous said...

Like your birthday and your family tree.Thanks.

Deborah Hodge said...

Why don't you email me directly and I'll send you some information. My email address is: deborah@deborahhodge.com.

Also check my publisher's website at: http://www.kidscanpress.com

Look for my author profile and you will see some of the information you're looking for.

Good luck!

Deborah :-)

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