Tuesday, November 4, 2008

More Shanghai Photos

Here are a few final Shanghai photos.

This one shows the Shanghai Museum, where I saw exhibits of indigenous Chinese groups, beautiful sculptures, jade, bronze, furniture and art. The best part, though, was when an enthusiastic class of students rushed up to me to practise their English. That was so much fun! I wish that I had been able to speak more Chinese. 

The photo below shows the entrance to a traditional shopping area in Old Town. We visited here several times to view the local goods and crafts, and buy a few gifts. I picked up some aromatic jasmine tea that is simply delicious.

Here's me with a dragon at the Yuyuan Bazaar. It's the Shanghai version of Granville Island, with shopping, craftspeople and entertainers. We watched a talented jazz band perform here one afternoon.

Below are two wonderful temples I visited. They were solemn, quiet and lovely.

You can see the smoke from the burning incense.

Here's a group I toured with for a couple of days. We were women from many countries of the world, including China, Thailand, Africa, Philippines, Australia, Germany, Russian, USA and Canada. The photo was taken at the Confucian temple, where we learned about the profound and lasting influence of the philosopher, Confucius. We also saw the school where students spend years studying his teachings.

These brightly coloured tropical flowers were at the Shanghai Botanical Gardens.

Beautiful orchids! 

It's hard to believe I'm home. Shanghai was an amazing, vibrant, wonderful place and I'm so grateful I got to see it. I hope I can return some day. 

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