Sunday, October 26, 2008

Back from Shanghai!

I had an amazing trip! Shanghai is a wonderful city and I'm thrilled I was able to get there. I'll be posting some of my impressions over the next week (as I get over my jet lag and my brain clears) but to begin, here are two photos. 

The top one is a view of the river promenade called the Bund (pronounced BUNT), which was minutes from my hotel. The walkway is on the Huangpu River, and many people stroll here every day. There are tourists, locals, street vendors and performers all jostling for space on the crowded path. From the Bund, you can look across the water and see some of the famous Shanghai highrises. It's a big, busy city that reminded me of New York in a lot of ways.

The second photo is of rush hour in Shanghai: on bikes! Many locals use bicycles or motorized scooters to get around. The photo doesn't begin to show the sea of bikes we encountered each evening at rush hour. They fill the streets! The Critical Mass organizers in Vancouver would be inspired.

More to come soon...

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