Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Feast of Fields!

Sunday was the annual celebration — Feast of Fields — of local chefs and wineries serving up food and drink, grown and harvested by local farmers and vintners. What a celebration! The sun was bright, the musicians were playing, and we wandered around the UBC farmland, wine glasses and linen napkins in hand, sipping and chewing the bounty of our region.

Highlights included fresh scallops, crab and salmon cooked up in a myriad of tasty variations; herb salad wrapped in piping hot flatbread; mouthwatering blackberry gelato; and quality wines from many of our Okanagan and Fraser Valley wineries — all offered by friendly, hardworking chefs from under big white tents. Mmm... It made me think I should write a cookbook. Watch for it in a year or so!

If you're interested in a West Coast organization that supports local food and farmers, check out the Farm Folk/City Folk website here. To see more about Feast of Fields, go here.


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